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Woman delivers quadruplets in Pokhara

A woman has given birth to quadruplets at Manipal Hospital in Pokhara. Twenty-six years old Sunita Pradhan Poudel of Putalibazar municipality-1, Syangja delivered four babies through a Caesarean section at 9 this morning, the Hospital stated.

A team of doctors led by Dr Mahendra Pandey conducted the C-section on Poudel. Among the quadruplets, the first is a baby girl who weighs 1.6 kilogramme, the second one is a boy weighing 1.3 kilogramme, the third is a girl weighing 1.3 kilogramme and the fourth is also a girl who weighs 1.4 kilogramme, Dr Pandey said.

According to Dr Pandey, the mother and her babies are in normal health condition. The quadruplets have been kept in paedriatric intensive care unit as they are underweight. Poudel already has a son.

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